Worker 's Compensation

Did you know that over 90% of Workers Comp claims are musculoskeletal and require specialty care?  Why then would anyone risk misdiagnosis and waste time and money going to the ER or general clinic for work related injuries?  When workplace injuries happen, OrthoNOW wants you to have access to specialty care needed to get employees back on their feet and back on the job quickly and efficiently.

The OrthoNOW Workers Comp Solution:

Accurate Diagnosis: Balancing employer and insurance-provider goals of medical cost containment with an employee’s need to reduce lost time, due to a job-related injury, can be challenging. Early intervention by an orthopedic specialist benefits both patient and employer with accurate diagnosis and proper treatment strategy.

Experienced On-Site Orthopedic Clinicians: Orthopedic clinicians are available on demand when you need them.  Our clinicians have treated thousands of cases related to on-the-job injuries ranging from neck and back issues to hand, leg, hip, shoulder, arm, knee problems.

Conservative Care: As a center committed to conservative care, OrthoNOW strives to restore the patient to the highest possible state of function as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  Avoid multiple healthcare visits by choosing OrthoNOW and employees will leave fully treated in less than one hour on their first visit.

Comprehensive Treatment: On-site treatment strategies include advanced diagnostics, treatment, injection therapy, physical therapy, and patient education for immediate or chronic workplace problems.

Timely Answers: OrthoNOW offers concise, timely communication between patients, employers and insurance providers. Our proactive communication provides up-to-date information concerning treatment status, return-to-work questions, policy and coverage, as well as individual workers comp standards for each employer.

Not to mention… Impressive Savings for Both Employers and Employee. Employers who include OrthoNOW in their workers’ comp healthcare plans have seen up to a 98% reduction in their workers’ comp spend. Even better, their employees have seen up to a 78% reduction in their out-of-pocket expenses. Bottom Line: OrthoNOW is driving costs down while increasing the quality of care. We invite you to review an actual side-by-side example of OrthoNOW vs. ER comparison of an injury and the costs savings. 

Employer Offer: Consult us to schedule a tour of our center and learn how we can help your injured workers get back to work faster.

Worker's Comp FAQ's

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