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MRI & Diagnostics

 At OrthoNOW Doral we have an MRI machine on-site, so imaging can be obtained the same day as your visit – no more having to travel to another facility to have your images done, then traveling back for the results.

Fracture Management

If you suspect a bone may be fractured, your first stop should be to an orthopedic specialist. OrthoNOW offers on-site X-Ray, Fluoroscopy (live X-Ray) on a walk-in basis. You will be treated by an onsite orthopedic clinician in less than one hour, saving time and money.

PRP Injections & Orthobiologics

 Your neighborhood OrthoNOW is focused on helping our patients alleviate pain, increase mobility and improve their quality of life.So, if you’re tired of taking pills and medications that only mask your symptoms and sometimes even create other problems, schedule a FREE, no obligation consultation today, and get back the things you love!

School and Sports Physicals

No appointment required – simply walk in to OrthoNOW for your sports physicals. Whether preparing for sports, school, or camp, this initial step ensures your child’s health and readiness for any activity.    

Pediatric Orthopedics

At your local OrthoNOW Center, we’re committed to addressing your family’s immediate care requirements, whether it’s a broken arm or a sprained ankle. You don’t require a referral – just walk in at your convenience. We can diagnose your child’s condition, provide a comprehensive explanation, and collaboratively determine the most suitable treatment plan, ensuring minimal impact on their future well-being.

Pain Management

If you develop chronic pain, it’s crucial that you seek specialty medical help and get a proper diagnosis. At OrthoNOW, our on-site clinicians will work with you to identify the causes and symptoms of your pain and provide effective treatments and management strategies to help maintain your quality of life.

Workers Comp

Why then would anyone risk misdiagnosis and waste time and money going to the ER or general clinic for work related injuries?  When workplace injuries happen, OrthoNOW wants you to have access to specialty care needed to get employees back on their feet and back on the job quickly and efficiently.

Casting & Splinting

 OrthoNOW offers a complete line of durable medical equipment for the foot and ankle, knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, and spine.

Sports Medicine
World-class orthopedic care for athletes and weekend warriors. Our experts will help you get back to your best. Proudly offering orthopedic care &  diagnostic imaging.
Expert Orthopedic Care ON-Demand for All Ages

Affordable and convenient orthopedic care for the whole family. No referrals needed, just walk in!

OrthoNOW® Mobile app

Fill out patient intake forms and let us know when you are on your way. Available for Android and IOS

Download the OrthoNOW® App today on the IOS or Playstore

Orthopedic care at your fingertips.

Hover Below for highlights of the app’s functionality:

  • OrthoChat® is our new module for clinician collaboration on a patient case! All clinicians at OrthoNOW (clinic and rehab) and Badia Hand to Shoulder Center will use this feature to consult with subspecialists and surgical coordinators. Additionally, approved subspecialists in our network will use it. This feature, developed entirely by OrthoNOW, provides a HIPAA compliant platform for immediate consults on difficult cases. Clinicians can text and share patient images and x-rays with each other. Patients will not have access to this feature. (We will no longer use SirenMD, effective immediately.)

  • Patient Registration is now available from within our mobile app. Patients should download the app and tap on Patient Forms to submit forms to to OrthoNOW

  • Products can now be purchased from within the app. This handy feature allows patients to browse for and purchase OrthoNourish and OrthoNaturals products right from within our app.

  • Book your ride by ordering an Uber or Lyft from the app.

  • Referrals functionality allows you to refer a patient to an OrthoNOW clinic.

Get driving directions and location information, including hours of operation.

Link to OrthoNOW Live telemedicine for a video visit.

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Referrals functionality allows you to refer a patient to an OrthoNOW clinic.

Allows patients to browse for and purchase OrthoNourish® and OrthoNaturals® products.

You can send us pictures of your injury, store them on the app and keep track of progress and share with a clinician.

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Patients can submit patient forms to OrthoNOW.

This allows consultations between sub specialists and surgical coordinators.

Learn more about services, get social media links, send questions, and more.

Get post-treatment info to your phone.

Get post-treatment info to your phone.

You can also order Uber or Lyft from the app.

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