Fracture/Broken Bone:

Fractures are breaks or cracks in bones caused by external force or impact. They vary in severity, from hairline fractures to complete breaks

A fracture is any break in the surface of the bone. Sprains can sometimes include a fracture. While some fractures are treated with casts, others only require a brace, sling or other support. Broken bones can often be treated conservatively, with just a cast or splint, but many situations require further treatment. It is important to treat a fracture right away to ensure the bone heals in the proper position, and to make sure the vessels and nerves close by are unharmed.

The wrong care compromises your health, is inconvenient and wastes time and money. If you suspect a bone may be fractured, your first stop should be to an orthopedic specialist. OrthoNOW offers on-site X-Ray, Fluoroscopy (live X-Ray) on a walk-in basis. You will be treated by an onsite orthopedic clinician in less than one hour, saving time and money.

Musculoskeletal pain is chronic pain treated at OrthoNOW

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