OrthoNOW® is Transforming US Healthcare NOW

OrthoNOW® is transforming the way expert orthopedic healthcare is delivered. At our state of the art, full service, walk-in medical centers, we treat patients of all ages. No appointment or referrals required, and patients can walk in for ALL things orthopedic, get X-Ray, be evaluated by onsite orthopedic clinicians and leave fully treated in under one hour.

The OrthoNOW® Patient Journey

Walk In Visit

Injury or Severe Pain.

The Wait

Patient walks into ONC with no appointment or uses the APP to notify the team they are on their way now.

The Evaluation

Patient receives a diagnosis and treatment plan in under 70 mins.

Typical Patient Journey

Compare with OrthoNow's patient Journey

The Injury

Person gets injured, panics & heads to the nearest ER.

The Wait

Patient waits several hours to be seen.

The "Evaluation"

Initial evaluation and treatment performed by provider who lacks expertise.

The "Solution"

Patients gets ice pack, NSAID’s and homework to follow up with an orthopedic specialist.

The Bill

To add insult to injury, they get a bill for 100’s or 1000’s of dollars.

The End?

And start the process over again. . .

If surgery is needed your OrthoNOW® clinician will use the OrthoNOW app to refer you to a subspecialist via our HIPAA compliant Orthochat®.