Bracing, Splinting & Casting

Aids that effectively immobilize the affected area, ensuring proper bone alignment throughout the healing period.

Immobilizing the injured area is critical to the rehabilitation and healing of injuries and orthopedic conditions. We can even custom fit the braces and splints we use to support and limit the movement of the injured area. When these braces are customized to specific injuries they last longer and are better able to withstand stresses

Bracing at OrthoNOW®

Braces are designed to stabilize a joint, reduce pain and inflammation, and strengthen the muscle around the joint. A brace puts pressure on the sides of a joint to cause the joint to realign, which decreases the contact between two rough bone surfaces and reduces the pain while increasing mobility. Whether you’re looking to prevent, protect, or play through an injury or even just need a little extra support to get you through your day, OrthoNOW has got you covered.

 OrthoNOW offers a complete line of durable medical equipment for the foot and ankle, knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand, and spine.

Crafting Custom Splints: A Unique Approach

Splints are designed to support painful joints and weak muscles, reduce nerve compressions, and protect healing injuries. OrthoNOW staff are trained in the art of fabricating custom splints for either stabilization or mobilization. Our unique bodies often fail to fit into “off the shelf” models of support or a patient may require a more individualized device following trauma.

The splints are designed to support the joints while they heal, to immobilize a joint, or to limit motion. We ensure our splints are comfortable, as they are customized to fit each individual and can easily make modifications as needed to ensure your comfort and facilitate the fastest healing.

Multicolor and Waterproof Casting

Casts have come a long way in the past few decades. Rather than just plain white plaster, our casts come in a variety of colors and we even offer waterproof casts making life much easier for both kids and parents.

Antibacterial material reduces irritation and unpleasant smells. This advanced technology allows you to shower without a bag and even swim – making a hard time a little easier!

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Bracing, Splinting & Casting FAQ's

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