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About OrthoNOW®

 OrthoNOW offers a cutting-edge alternative to traditional orthopedic healthcare, outperforming emergency rooms and general urgent care centers. Our comprehensive services include treating fractures, sprains, cuts, chronic pain, regenerative medicine, sports, and work-related injuries. All of this is conveniently available on a walk in basis.
At OrthoNOW  we welcome most insurances and offer competitive rates. For those without insurance, we’re committed to finding innovative payment solutions. The OrthoNOW advantage is evident: save both time and money by consulting with an orthopedic specialist right from the start! Click here to contact us & find out what your financial responsibility will be.
OrthoNOW is equipped to manage various injuries, encompassing broken bones, sprains, cuts, foot and ankle issues, shoulder problems, back pain, knee injuries, hand and upper extremity conditions, bone and joint concerns, muscle injuries, work-related incidents, and sports-related injuries.Click here for our services: View our Orthopedic Urgent Care Services.
OrthoNOW’s out-of-pocket costs are often significantly lower than hospital emergency rooms and general urgent care centers. Additionally, you have the opportunity to receive a definitive orthopedic diagnosis and treatment all at one facility – saving you time and money. Click here for a list of our self pay prices.

No appointment is necessary to see one of our musculoskeletal clinicians.  Walk-Ins welcome. Click here to request an appointment.

Orthopedic medicine treats a wide variety of injuries and disorders in children and adults pertaining to the skeleton and its supporting muscles, joints/ligaments/tendons (musculoskeletal or MSK system).

Visit our clinicians page to view a list of our providers.

OrthoNOW provides easy access orthopedic care and is not just for injuries. 70% of our new patient visits are for pain. Knee, shoulder and back pain being the most common.

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Yes! We have waterproof casting materials in a variety of colors. Click here to learn more about casting and splinting.
Braces are designed to provide support, stability, and protection to an injured area, such as a joint or muscle. Depending on the type and severity of the injury, a brace may be used to help reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation, and to promote healing. Click here to learn more about casting and splinting.
We accept multiple types of Workers Comp insurances. Click here for our current list If you do not see your insurance company in our list please give our office a call.

Don’t worry – it’s a quick and painless process. We’ll use a specialized saw to carefully cut through the cast material, and before you know it, you’ll be free to move again. Click here to watch one of our cast removals on youtube.

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