Preventative Health

Preventative health emphasizes practices that safeguard musculoskeletal well-being and prevent potential injuries. 

Our healthcare providers possess distinct qualifications to comprehensively address the demands of sustaining optimal musculoskeletal well-being across all age groups. Whether you’re engaged in little-league sports, college-level competition, weekend recreational activities, or leading an active retirement, OrthoNOW takes a comprehensive approach to your family’s orthopedic care.


At OrthoNOW, our commitment extends beyond merely treating injuries or chronic pain. Our clinicians collaborate with you to devise tailored regimens aimed at enhancing your strength, endurance, and agility. Our aim is to go further by equipping you with customized strategies and training, reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries before they occur.

Senior, woman and caregiver with arm stretching for exercise, workout or fitness in a park with smi